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26+1 Dinge die man im Oktober spielen oder sich drauf freuen kann während Trevor schläft…

X Dinge die man im Monat X neben GTA auch spielen kann ist eine ungefilterte Liste meines Pocketaccounts ( mit Links zu Spielewebsites, Kickstarter Projekten oder anderen Gaming Fundstücken die man sich im Oktober mal ansehen könnte. Oder auch nicht*

Olav & the Lute

Facebook | Website |

by ShellyAlon

Super Roman Conquest

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Kickstarter | IndieDB |

by SuperRomanConquest | Tags: sidescroller

Once i was blind

Download | Facebook |

by Contingent Studios |

niartemmyS | Symmetrain

niartemmyS | Symmetrain

Facebook | IndieDB | Youtube | Twitter |

by Black Pants Studios | Tags: symmetry, spot the difference, game, iOS, indie, symmetrain, train,


Facebook | IndieDB | Twitter |

by Rogue Bracket | Tags: monokrome, windows, single, player, sci, fi, indie, cinematic, video game, indie game, standalone game, developers, creation, expansion pack

Core of Innocence

Facebook | Twitter | IndieDB |

by Pudding Hat Games |


Facebook |

by Krealit |


Twitter | Youtube | IndieDB |

by Mike Tipul | Tags: Oculus Rift

Always Sometimes Monsters

Twitter | Facebook | Youtube |

by Devolver Digital |

Elegy For A Dead World

Steam | Twitch |

by Dejobaan |

Delver’s Drop

Twitter | Facebook  | Youtube  | Steam |

by Pixelscopic | Tags: 2d, action, rpg, 8bit

Silence of the Sleep

Silence of the Sleep is upcoming psychological horror adventure indie game for PC. You play as a man called Jacob Reeves. A man who has lost his reason to live. He throws himself into a blackness, but instead of simply fading away he ends up in a nightmare.

Youtube | Facebook | Steam |

Website |

Confederate Express

Year 2064. The greatest invention has been discovered: a Homeostasis Chip – or simply, „h1 chip“ – allowed human body to be operated via small computer that essentially sustains perfect health indefinitely, ultimately granting immortality to anyone who installs it.

Kickstarter |

by Kilobyte |

Even the Ocean

Twitter | Facebook  | Tigsource |

Website | Tags: pc, mac, linux

Blood of the Werewolf

Classic Monsters Meet Classic Gameplay

Steam  | Facebook  | Youtube  | IndieDB |

by Kekeswill | Tags: 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, PSN, Wii U, XBLA, Xboxone, eShop

Hate Plus

Youtube | Website  | Twitter |

by Christine Love |

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Steam | google+ | Twitter | Facebook  | Youtube |

by Night Dive Studios | Tags: Adventure

Forest Ambassador

Play Online | Twitter |

by Titouan Millet |

Road not taken

Youtube |

by Spry Fox | Tags: Puzzle, Adventure


Youtube | Twitter | Facebook |

by Swordtales | Tags: Toren, indie game, jogo indie, adventure, Swordtales

Link –

The Stanley Parable

Facebook | Youtube  | Twitter |

by Galactic Cafe | Tags: Exploration


Twitter | Tumblr  | Facebook |

by Discord Games | Tags: 2d, action, rpg, 8bit


An adventure RPG featuring adorably tough heroes bursting with personality, a rich level of customization, and awesome art and music. Currently Churbles is being developed in Unity for your PC. We hope that through your support we can expand to other platforms.

Youtube | Kickstarter |

by CrashGemStudios | Tags: JRPG, Turnbased, 3D, Adventure

Eden Star

Kickstarter | Twitter  | Youtube | Facebook |

by Flix Interactive | Tags: Sandbox, survial, combat

A Delver Dreams Their Own Demise

by Fizzhog | Tags: adventure,direct download,experimental,free,surreal,indie impressions


Kickstarter |

by Greenwood Games | Tags: Vr, Horror, Oculus rift

The Prettiest Ribbon

Twitter | Youtube |

by Pocketstarship | Tags: Snake, Cube

*Die Tatsache das sie in dieser Linkliste stehen ist kein Zeichen von Qualität**, Nähe zum Hersteller oder eine Aussage meinerseits.

**Gelogen ich nehm hier nicht alles rein.

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